How to sleep train your baby

SLEEP! The magical word among moms and dads alike. When ‘they’ tell you sleep is nonexistent with a newborn, you can’t really imagine it until you are a new parent. But, what ‘they’ don’t tell you is that you will NEVER sleep! Between teething, cuddles, and whatever other things are keeping your baby awake, sleep is now a pure luxury. You get to the point where you just literally POP out of bed at the first cry and walk into the nursery with one eye glued shut. And just when you think you will get some sleep, your sleep schedule is so off that even 8 hours is still screaming, COFFEE and more COFFEE!!DSC07476Around 4-5 months I began researching sleep training and different methods. Before I tell you about the method we chose, this isn’t for everyone. Some parents don’t feel comfortable doing any sort of cry it out (CIO) method. I am just sharing what worked for our family. In no way do I think the CIO method was harmful or neglectful to my baby or we wouldn’t have used it. Moral of the story- do what works for your family! Savannah knows we love and care for her and not for a minute do I think she doubts that. We made sure she was comfortable, fed, had a clean diaper, and safe in her crib.

We chose to use the Ferber Method, or progressive sleep method. You put your baby down to sleep while still awake (but sleepy) and check on him/her in increasing intervals of time. After 2 nights, Savannah was sleeping all by herself! When you go into the room to check on baby, you don’t pick baby up, but just give baby pacifier or put your hand on them to soothe. This way they learn to soothe themselves and fall asleep. I read somewhere in the Ferber method research that the reasoning behind this is because babies don’t like falling asleep in one place and waking in another. For example, if you were to hold baby to fall asleep and then put them in crib, when they wake up they are in a totally different spot! I would advise reading the Ferber method book to dive deeper into the subject, and I didn’t necessarily do that but wish I had.

The first thing I would advise is to evaluate your baby’s current bedtime. We put her down to bed around 9 or 10pm when she was younger (newborn-4 months). Once we realized her bedtime should be around 7pm, she slept so much better! It sounds counterproductive, but it really does make for better sleep and gives me and my husband alone time at night to unwind.For the sleep training, we used the chart provided on this website. It lists the waiting times in between checking on your baby. The best advice I have when you are pulling your hair out listening to your baby cry is STAY BUSY! The first night I did yoga (bad choice since there is no relaxing involved). The second night I did a high intensity workout to blow off the steam and stress of listening to her cry! The first night took 45 minutes for her to go to sleep on her own and the second night was around 15-20 minutes. That’s it!! And now she goes to bed like clockwork every night at 7pm! We lay her down in her crib and she may let out a whimper or two, but she goes right to sleep. We pray this carries into her toddlerhood! The hardest part of the sleep training for us was listening to her cry.

We also did this method at the same time for naps. She is currently in the process of switching from two naps to one longer morning nap, around 2 hours. Same methods used, laying her down awake to fall asleep on her own. As a mother, you get used to knowing their sleep patterns and when they are ready to take a nap. IMG_9915Here’s some other helpful tools to have while sleep training:
Merlin sleepsuit
sound machine
sleep sacks
Fish tank for crib
Wubbanub Pacifier

By no means am I a sleep expert. In fact, last night she was up several times wanting to breastfeed for comfort as a new tooth came through. If you stay consistent and keep a bedtime routine, that has seemed to work the best for us. Also, I am still breastfeeding at 14 months, so it seems babies wake more throughout the night when breastfed. But her waking on average only once per night I will take! She typically sleeps from 7pm to 7:30 or 8 am with one or two wakings in between. I wasn’t consistent with the middle of the night wakings, being so tired. I could just give her the pacifier and she may learn to soothe herself back to sleep but I breastfeed. I guess its the easy way out! So this is just what has worked for us. But I would highly recommend it for others struggling with the bedtime routine!

Please post any questions you have in the comments. We are on this journey together!

Thanks for reading!


A day in the life of a ONE year old!

(Photo credit: Amanda Hacker Photography, Lexington KY)

I thought it would be fun to share a little about our day. Savannah just turned one (which is crazy) and our day is usually jam packed full of fun! Read about our derby themed birthday party. We have somewhat of a routine, as much as you can with a baby! And wouldn’t you know, I keep reading that she is a toddler. I say NO WAY to that. I will keep saying baby, because that is where she is in our hearts! So whether you are debating having a baby, have a one year old, or have older kids, this is just a little peek into an average day (and night schedule) for us!DSC07723DSC07184DSC071527-7:30am: Wake up, nurse, play for about 10 minutes in crib until she needs us!
8am: Eat breakfast (Mommy drinks LOTS of coffee)
8:30am: Play in playroom
9am: Get ready for Stroller Strides (exercise)
9:30 – 10:30am: Stroller Strides class
10:30 – 11:00am: Play after class with friends
11:30am: Get home, nurse, snuggles, take nap
12:30pm: Wake, eat lunch
1:00pm: Run errands or play
3:00pm: Nurse
3:30pm: Nap
5:00pm: Dinner, play, snuggles
6:00pm: Bath, books, snuggles, snack
7:00pm: Bed (we started the cry it out progressive method around 5 months, blog post coming soon!)
3:00am: Nurse, snuggles
5:00am: Nurse, snugglesDSC07485DSC07329DSC07543DSC07552The nighttime feedings are an average, some nights better than others. I am still nursing (at 13 months) and loving the bonding aspect of it. This schedule would probably be a little different for the night time if not nursing.
I think my favorite part of having a one year old is watching her grow and develop a little personality. I can just look at her cute little legs learning to walk and her little fingers grasp toys, figuring them out. She motivates me to be a better person and keeps a smile on my face. And my husband works so hard between two jobs caring for us girls. We couldn’t ask for a better daddy and husband and we are truly blessed having such a happy, healthy girl! With Father’s Day coming up, we can’t wait to celebrate him! I have heard this before, but you enjoy every stage of your children’s lives. Do I miss the tiny baby? Well, there are pros and cons to each stage in my opinion. And for now, we are living in the moment and loving every minute of it!DSC07504DSC07763Here are a few of my favorite things to have with a one year old:
Amazon Prime Subscription!(We get discounted diapers, wipes, dog food (because who wants to carry that through the grocery) and coffee!) And you get Amazon Prime music, which has been amazing for our dance parties and car rides!
A mom tribe (you know who you are!)
Jogging stroller16602888_700215693493298_8531602755831921329_n
Pouch sippy tops (to avoid pouch spills)
Ikea high chair (easy to clean and travel with)
COFFEE (wait, did I already say that??)
Roomba vacuum (even if you don’t have a cat, ha!) We decided to get a ROOMBA instead of gifts last year for Christmas. BEST DECISION EVER!

Do you have a one year old? Please share below some of your favorite things or moments!

Thanks for reading!
Kim & Savannah

How one workout changed my life: My journey with Fit4Mom

oneworkoutchangedmylifeIt wouldn’t be right to be blogging about motherhood without sharing about my journey with Fit4Mom here in Lexington, Ky! Before having Savannah, my life consisted of working out and eating healthy. (Well, until pregnancy!) Once I gave birth, something happened. Between hormones, no sleep, and pain, you are not the same person you once were. I suffered with a mild form of depression, or baby blues. I remember crying for no reason and put me and Savannah together, and my poor husband! Although he did so great with us! Focusing on your marriage is another subject for further discussion.

Around the 5 month mark in October, my husband stumbled upon Stroller Strides online (one of Fit4Moms exercise programs). The class met at Veterans Park which is super close to our house, and you bring your babies to work out! I had seen a group of moms pushing strollers so many times when driving by, but didn’t know what this group was! I signed up and went to my first class on a Saturday and Tina was teaching. And to this day, she is one of my friends. These moms are not just instructors. They have many similar stories to mine. They are here for you! No more guilt over not having time to workout in the day. No more guilt about putting her in the crib to nap (or cry) while I try to get a workout and shower in! 16602888_700215693493298_8531602755831921329_nEach workout is different and fun! We sing to the babies, do squats, jumping jacks, run, and much more. After class all the kids get out of the strollers to run around and play. Not only is mama making friends, but so are the kiddos!

But the part where I gained the most was this community. A group of mamas who tell me I’m doing a good job, tell me it’s ok she fell into the dresser this morning since I’m still upset about it, and a group that motivates me on days when I barely made it and have slept a total of 4 hours. Some of the mamas are pregnant, others have two kids, and some are just getting by with their one (ME!) But the one thing we all have in common is we love our kids and we are trying to be the best version of ourselves. I never expected to gain so much; friendships that will last a lifetime. IMG_1032IMG_0956DSC06466Going to class has also been great for Savannah’s schedule. We wake up, eat breakfast, go to class, then come home and have nap time/shower for mama! And somewhere we fit in lots of COFFEE!IMG_2443DSC07419DSC07388Classes are offered 6 days a week (mornings and evenings) and we do fun mom’s night outs, have playdates for the kids, and family days. I really can’t say enough about how this group has changed my life. I guess my husband can get brownie points here! Not sure where this lonely stay at home mom would be without my village. So I tell every mom I know! Ha, hope you come join us!! Visit their website to see if there is one in your area! COFFEE, STROLLER STRIDES, REPEAT!16835715_705232732991594_8958558124395901390_o(photo courtesy of Fit4Mom)

Savannah is ONE: A derby party!

I really can’t believe my baby girl is already one! I mean, didn’t we just bring her home from the hospital? You can read my birth story here. About two months ago I started planning her derby-themed birthday party. What is more fitting than celebrating her actual birthday on derby day?!

The feeling is pretty unreal to have a child, but then even more so to be celebrating her first birthday already. We couldn’t be happier to share this special day with all of Savannah’s closest friends and family. (We are missing baby Lydia in this picture, darn naps!)savyparty6DSC06985DSC06801
So many people came with handmade hats and bows! It made the party so much fun! I sewed and hot glued mine and Savannah’s. We even had matching flowers and feathers. DSC06797
And ‘my person’ Kat came from Louisville with her sweet family. This friend traveled the day before to help me with party planning. I love you so much! It is rare to find such great friends like you!DSC06842DSC06839What better way to celebrate upcoming Mother’s Day with your own mama who is staying all week after the party! DSC06830DSC06828A derby party wouldn’t be complete without betting, right? Well, I bet on Blue and he won our hearts with this adorable little jockey harness. And if Dan and I would have actually stuck with our original horse picks, (his #5, mine #1 for Savannah’s first birthday) we could have been rich! hahaDSC06827I painted this wooden jockey silk to go with the party and to use each year after when derby rolls around! Savyparty2These hot brown bites were a hit, and approved by my smallest judge! They were super easy to make and a great addition to any Kentucky party! Served with mint julep lemonade, Raising Cane’s chicken fingers, and mint topped fruit salad.

DSC06819If you are here in Lexington, Ky I would recommend using Ashley with One Smart Cookie! We were so impressed with these adorable custom derby cookies. They were almost too cute to eat, and so delicious! I ended up making the cupcakes and they also turned out great. (Basic yellow cake mix, and this amazing buttercream frosting recipe with added cream cheese) I added a bit of food coloring to achieve the pinkish color and added little blue gemmies.DSC06786DSC06784DSC06785DSC06867And this big one year old ate the entire cupcake!! Savannah was blessed with lots of fun birthday presents. Some dolls, musical toys, swimsuits, a beach bag for Gamma’s house, jewelry, books, and much more!DSC06906savyparty4savyparty3I was lucky enough to get some snuggles from this little guy! And we were so glad to see some little boys around 🙂savyparty1Thank you again to all of our family and friends who drove from out of town and spent their day with us. And from those of you celebrating from afar! We love you all so much!

I would love to hear about your derby day! Please share below in the comments!

Thanks for reading,
Kim & Savannah

My favorite Aldi finds for less!

dsc06099Being a stay at home has its challenges. One of them is finding new, creative ways to save money. So when I started shopping Aldi, it was a game changer! I can honestly say we have cut our grocery bill by 30-40%. Of course, there are still several name brand items we continue to buy at Kroger, but I wanted to share with you the magic of Aldi! I wish I would have learned about it sooner!

Growing up, I remember my grandpa coming over with cases of pop from Aldi and some cereal. Haha, what a smart man he was! Carrying on the tradition for you Grandpa Nickley!

Sorry Girl Scouts, but they have knock off cookies for $1.39! Thin mints are my favorite! And these taste just as good and you get more in the box.dsc06087
Fresh produce oh my! You can find the same produce and just as fresh. Avocados for $.69! Unheard of people! One of our go to dinners is crispy chicken salad. Aldi has a wide selection for you to customize your ingredients.dsc06092
Most of the Aldi stores around us (Lexington, KY) have been remodeled and have a fresher guarantee and quality.dsc06090dsc06097
Cereal is less than $2!! Whhhaaaatttt!! Stock up on those generic Cheerios for the baby and those Fruity O’s for the hubby!

They also have a row of random, non-food items. I found this pizza cooking tray the other day, but had to pass since we just bought one. Otherwise, it would have come home with me!dsc06093

And where are my coffee lovers? A box of K-cups for less than $5. Sign me up! The quality is really good, trust me. I am one coffee connoisseur.
dsc06100One of the meals I made recently from Aldi ingredients was this bacon-wrapped, jalapeno stuffed chicken breast. I bought a pack of jalapeños in the produce section for .$89. Here is the link to the recipe.

I would recommend just a few changes to the recipe depending on your oven and preferences on spiciness:

I halved the recipe since it was only the two of us eating. So I used half of one jalapeno (recipe called for 4) just for the flavor and to avoid the spiciness. I would recommend using a full one. And when cooking the chicken, I left it in for an additional 20 minutes. (But keep an eye depending on your oven) I also threw in some of Aldi’s mashed potatoes to go with the chicken. I prepped the chicken ahead of time during nap time and threw it in the oven just in time for hubby to get home and enjoy!

The other great thing about Aldi here in Lexington is that it’s never really crowded and its big enough, yet small enough that if you forget something, it’s pretty easy to go back and find it.

So next time you go shopping, give Aldi a try! Don’t forget your quarter for the cart return and bring your own bags!

Thanks for reading! Please share your favorite items at Aldi!

Our simple Valentine’s Day

This year I couldn’t wait to put together a few things for Savannah’s first Valentine’s Day. And of course her daddy. They are both super special, but I wanted to keep things simple. I barely have time to shower most days, let alone plan anything extravagant. (Any moms with me??) Here’s what we did:

Made some Fruity Pebbles rice krispie treats! Took literally about 5 min to throw together. We just used the original recipe but substituted the Fruity Pebbles for Rice Krispies. I knew Dan would love these! Now he can’t say I never made him breakfast in bed!dsc06042dsc06044Dan brought home flowers for both his girls last night. So sweet! dsc06048And Savannah opened her Valentine’s card and got a new book- I love you stinky face! dsc06056dsc06061dsc06063dsc06066dsc06075dsc06076dsc06080dsc06081Threw some candy on the table. DONE! Simple and perfect for our Valentine’s Day. dsc06082dsc06084Now to figure out dinner… takeout! Any suggestions??

Love is in the air! Life is precious, any excuse to celebrate!

Thanks for stopping by, Love Kim and Savannah

9 months old already, my love!

Sweet Savannah is 9 months old (+2 days)! With this crazy Kentucky weather I keep getting a feeling of spring. This last year has flown by! Soon it will be her birthday and I will probably cry. So we just HAD to do a photo shoot all day.

Since it’s February, I will focus on the things I LOVE about her 🙂

Those cheeks. dsc05989Those sweet baby rolls.dsc05948dsc05947dsc05966How smart she already is! She now feeds herself, gives mommy kisses, and reads lots of books.dsc05983dsc05987Shh.. don’t tell her daddy, but how much she looks like him. It reminds me of our little family and the reason for all of this.dsc06017And her priceless expressions. She sure has a lot to say and is working on saying it all. Her favorite word right now is da-da. Although when mama leaves the room, the tears are flowing!dsc06020dsc06001
Happy 9 months sweet girl. 9 months in, 9 months out! Love you more each day and we are trying our best to make sure you are the happiest, most loved baby!

Why is maternal support so difficult?

img_7842Last week I spent 2 hours on the phone with a number of professionals- my OB-GYN office, the pediatrician, a lactation consultant, and a health insurance agent. You would think after that length of time I would have an answer to my question and confidence in my ability to feed my child and care for my body. Let me give you a little back story.

A week or two ago, I started having burning pain in my breasts after breastfeeding my 8 month old. I convinced myself it was teething and thought, hey it will pass. I figured my doctor would give the usual answer (its nothing) and I would be out of my copay. After another week, the pain was not getting better and my breasts were throbbing even randomly when I wasn’t feeding. As any modern mom would do, I consulted with my Facebook mom group. I actually highly regard other moms’ opinions because they have been there, done that. They don’t have a scripted answer like the doctor office and I don’t owe a copay or get billed for an absurd amount later on. So in our discussion, other moms suggested it could be thrush, a yeast infection that will spread back and forth between mother and breastfed baby. When I called my OB-GYN office back, I mentioned my symptoms and that it was possibly thrush and they agreed and prescribed me cream. Even though there were no noticeable signs of thrush with my baby. After using the cream a few days, it wasn’t making any difference. It was more of an annoyance and I had to wipe it off each time before feeding my baby. So I was back to square one thinking maybe it will just go away on its own, whatever it may be. Being a stay at home mom, I don’t want to throw away a bunch of money on all these office visits that will MAYBE give me an answer. I just felt at a loss.


So here I am. A highly educated woman (Master’s degree in health education of all things) with my first child. Not knowing who to turn to next. Breastfeeding has been an enjoyable, bonding experience with my baby, but I was wondering if this could be one of the reasons moms give up too soon on breastfeeding. I ended up seeing my OB-GYN and he said it was just a functional problem. And it has improved, so must have been a phase with my teething baby. But as a mom, we will pay the price to get proper care for ourselves and our child.

There have been other times during the past months as a new mom where I felt too embarrassed to seek help or just didn’t know where to begin. If I were to pinpoint some of the problems I see and/or have faced here they are:

>>Insurance/healthcare system. With so many different providers with a problem such as this one, who should I first consult? Hence, why I called 4 different offices this morning. And each provider in person visit comes with a cost. Maybe all for nothing. And all with a different answer.

>>Postpartum depression/emotional issues. I haven’t touched on one of the biggest issues new moms face, postpartum depression. This can be an entire post in itself. I can speak from experience that as a mom, I don’t want to show weakness although I know it is okay. I can tell myself that I am a better mom. Although if it was a friend of mine or another mom, I would tell them to let their feelings out and seek help. Why won’t I do that same thing?? Even after 8 months, I still have days of sadness. I suck it up and move on (some days). Not everyone can do that. I also have the luxury (yes, it’s a luxury because it is not free) of joining a group of amazing moms to exercise with each week. Not everyone has that. I couldn’t tell you how sad I have been when I didn’t venture out of the house (like during sicknesses). So without my class, I would feel very isolated.  The hormonal changes we go through create so many new feelings and the men in our lives should also be equipped with the tools to support and love their spouses. From my experience, information on postpartum depression and the baby blues was only provided at a voluntary breastfeeding class and again upon discharge. I remember in the hospital looking down at those tiny eyes staring back at me and just sobbing. Not because I was sad. Sometimes for no reason, other times because the overwhelming love I felt was scary. So scary that if anything bad ever happened to my sweet baby I would lose it. So I guess that meant it was okay to cry. To cry some more. And have my husband wonder if he did anything wrong. Nope, you are pretty much a perfect dad in my eyes. Me on the other hand, an emotional wreck.


>>Lack of ongoing support. I received a bunch of pamphlets and printouts from the hospital before I was discharged. Resources such as lactation consultant contact info, how to breastfeed, brochures about postpartum depression, etc. Despite all this information, the whole parenting thing is so new, I didn’t feel like I had the support I needed. The hospital discharges you and says, “Good luck figuring this whole thing out.” And keep in mind you are discharged after the second night when you get ZERO sleep. Your new baby figures out there are these things that deliver milk, all the milk that sweet little baby can eat! Nobody told me about the multitude of problems you may encounter while breastfeeding and after giving birth. Things such as clogged ducts, mastitis, thrush, hemorrhoids, moles and your body will have new things happen months after. The moment you realize your mom was right 🙂

My goal is to compile a list of resources for moms (new and seasoned). If you have some great resources, please share! Soon, I will put together another post with the best resources. As I hear very often, it takes a village! And I truly believe it and hope to give you hope and inspiration on your motherhood journey.

Check out this article about the village I was referring to! Another thing to add to the list of things to do/find when you are pregnant or a new mom! Seriously guys, if you take one thing away from this post.

Thanks for reading and please share your resources in the comments!


My honest review: Roomba vacuum

Our first Christmas with our daughter, Dan and I decided to invest in our home instead of buying each other individual gifts. Not sure how we got to it, but we decided on getting a Roomba vacuum. SO FAR, BEST DECISION EVER!! (This is the model 880) This is also helping my OCD need to vacuum!


We have had the Roomba for about 3 weeks and it is so easy to use. I can literally vacuum while sitting on the couch watching TV. Ok, that sounds super lazy, but when we first got it we wanted to see how it operates- if it will eat curtains, go over hardwood, and fall down stairs. So that required some watching! But seriously, I will be putting Savannah down to sleep and running the vacuum in our bedroom across the hall.

Here are some of the reasons I LOVE it:

Easy to clean. The dirt tray comes out easily and you dump it in the trash. The underneath little wheels pop right out too and you just pull the hair right off. No scissors necessary like on every other vacuum! This is revolutionizing for all the moms (and anyone with hair) out there! I can’t tell you how many times I cut hair from around the vacuum turny things.

Easy alerts. When the vacuum is full, it beeps and tells you and a little trash can icon comes on. Or if it is in a place stuck, it will tell you to move it. (I will get to this part later!)

Cleans UNDER furniture. How often do you really move your furniture to vacuum underneath? No need with the Roomba! It does it for you. For instance, we have a large wooden king bed in our master and no way can we move that thing. It is being sold with the house. Haha

Great for pet hair. As gross as it is to empty the dust out, it is LIBERATING at the same time. All that dust and pet hair gone!

Runs for a long time! I usually let the Roomba clean for a while. More than I would normally vacuum. It goes over the room multiple times and does a much more thorough job than I would do with an upright vacuum.

Remote control. Need I say more. You can steer it if you need it to stay or go in a certain direction.

You may have some questions like I initially did before getting the Roomba. Does it go down stairs? How does it know which room to vacuum? Can you schedule it to vacuum when you are not home?

Well, it knows there are stairs and can feel the bottom and will not go down stairs. And it comes with a little device that you put in the entryway to a room to let it know not to pass or to pass. (pretty neat!) And you can schedule it! I haven’t got to try this part yet only because I am a stay at home mom and haven’t really had the need yet for this. I just vacuum while I’m home. I can always write another post later on to let you know and an update in general on how the vacuum is doing!


The only few things that I complain about with this vacuum are really just me being ultra lazy. Ha! So, sometimes to empty the dirt bin, you do have to put your fingers in there. But weren’t you going to wash your hands anyways after cleaning it out?? I hope so! **UPDATE: Please read the manual. The dirt bin is actually VERY EASY to empty and no fingers required. A friend of mine showed me to pull down where the arrows are to empty it. So this whole time I was doing it wrong. OOPS!

And in order to vacuum, you have to clear things off the floor. But you would do this with any other upright, so I can’t really complain! I haven’t seen the Roomba eat cords or curtains, but I have tried to avoid that at all costs anyway.

So what do you think? Worth the price? I think so! A mom’s savior and a pet’s best friend 🙂 Depending on if you have a cat that will ride on it. Or in our case, a dog that will chase it and protect you from it… those darn robots. I will keep you updated as we continue to use it! Post any additional questions you have below! Also read the reviews online for this particular model!

If you want to compare other Roomba models and see how the reviews did check this  guide out! It also lists what each particular series of Roomba offers.



Anniversary gift ideas for your husband

anniversary-gift-ideas-for-your-husbandNot sure what it is, but men are seriously the hardest to shop for. At least mine is. So I decided to make him something! Here is how I usually begin to look for inspiration.

>>Remember all those projects you have lingering you will complete someday? Now is the time. We have been saving empty bottles for some time. I finally got rid of a bunch of wine bottles. I began to feel like a hoarder! But those bourbon bottles… I knew I wanted to make lamps for the man cave! Nothing says Kentucky like bourbon. This was part of my gift this year for our 4 year anniversary.
dsc05442dsc05443>>Pinterest- do some research and begin searching for things that your man likes. You will be surprised what you come up with.

>>Start a tradition. We have been going on small weekend trips each year for our anniversary. For our one year we went to Gatlinburg, our two year we went to Bardstown, Ky and stayed at a Bourbon Mansion Bed and Breakfast.

>>Think about what this season of your life will bring. What do I mean by that? So last year I was pregnant and my husband was deployed, who knew the best gift would be a snoogle body pillow from him! (You moms know!) I had early onset mommy brain, so I can’t really remember what I did last year for him. I do remember having a Facetime date 🙂

>>Create memories with a scrapbook. I did this for our first anniversary. Since the military played such a major role in our relationship and the opportunities it has afforded our family, I put together an Army scrapbook documenting our journey together.
dsc05433dsc05439dsc05440dsc05435So this year for our 4 year anniversary, I was trying to think outside of the box and also stick with the traditional gift of fruit/flowers. Hello Four Roses Bourbon! Perfect. 4 years and roses! I was probably the only one walking out of Liquor Barn with a brown bag and stroller in the middle of the afternoon! Gotta do what you gotta do! And to add more meaning to it, our daughter Savannah was born derby weekend this year. Probably the best year so far of our marriage. Run for the Roses!dsc05421I found this recipe on Pinterest for Vanilla Bourbon Cupcakes with homemade bourbon buttercream frosting. It took a while to put together but they are seriously delicious! Sorry Gigi’s cupcakes (for you Lexington locals). Dan decided to surprise me and come home early from work with flowers!  So sweet. And they are perfect fall colors- great for my centerpiece of cupcakes!dsc05427I had to summon him to the basement so I could finish. My surprise wasn’t a huge surprise, haha! Once I made the cupcakes I also decided to melt chocolate and make hearts and some other candy decoration. My first time doing this, I would say it didn’t turn out too bad! dsc05422dsc05429Since next year is the big 5 year anniversary, I will have to come up with something even better! Traditional gift is wood. Hmm…

And here is a list of traditional gifts by year in case you were wondering.
Thanks for reading and I hope this post motivates you to be creative in coming up with a gift for your husband. Do you have other ideas? I would love to read them below in comments.